Happy Henry

Happy Henry


Henry was diagnosed with severe autism early on and had always found it difficult to engage with anyone other than his parents.  This meant he spent many years in relative isolation with only his parents' love keeping him company. With work commitments, this attention created many undesirable strains on the family. 


A need for change

As Henry got older, there became more need for him to interact with the outside world.  He would become very insular when in the company of others and his parents tried everything to help.  They even got a puppy(!) which Henry was slightly more open to.  However it was only when they realised a combination of a sensory carpet and Blobby (the puppy) that Henry became relaxed and comfortable.  


How Sensory-In-Play Helped

Realising Henry's positive response to gentle light stimulation, the Sensory-In-Play team quickly put together an at home package for Henry which included a variety of Fibre Optic Harness kits and Bubble Tubes.  These simple and safe products transformed Henry's room.


The result?


Without a doubt, Blobby and Henry are now best-friends.  The light stimulation helps Henry into a state of play which Blobby is more than happy to join in.  The unique combination relaxes Henry and allows his parents to expose him to more of the world.  Slowly but surely, positive changes are happening.
Elizabeth Carter