Sophie and Christina

Sophie and Christina


Sophie experiences moderate autism and has benefited from a range of specialist care throughout her childhood.  Her mother, Christina, always gave Sophie the best possible care, however Sophie often still experienced regular stimming and meltdowns.  Sophie inevitably found everyday life challenging.


Specialist Sensory Rooms 

Christina found sensory rooms in specialist practices to be something that Sophie really engaged with.  Not just playing, peacefully for hours(!) on end, she would even get along with other children.  It was usually quite hard to get Sophie away from these wonderful places, and even worse, once away many of Sophie's behaviours would return.


How Sensory-In-Play Helped

Christina contacted our team at Sensory-In-Play to discuss what possible options there were to have at home sensory products.  To bring some of the benefits of light and touch stimulation right into Sophie's home.  Having carefully discussed her needs, Sensory-In-Play recommended a combination of multi-sensory products for both her bedroom and the living room.  One which she can enjoy on her own, and another for enjoyment with guests or other family members. These included a Fibre Optic Kit (with bamboo touch) and UV Coloured Mats. 


The result?

"The number of meltdowns that Sophie has is noticeably less, I really think the little but frequent, sensory play makes a huge difference."

Sophie now has a comfort zone in her own home where she can play with others and Christina has peace of mind that her behaviour is under better control.  Sensory-In-Play is really happy to have helped!  Another success story! 

Elizabeth Carter