Fibre Optics - The Light You can Touch!

Fibre Optics - The Light You can Touch!

What are Fibre Optics?

An optical fibre is a flexible, transparent fibre that is made by drawing glass or plastic down to various sizes and using them as a means to transmit light between the two ends.
Fibre Optics are also used for illumination and imaging along with many other applications also.
Plastic fibre optics are used in Sensory lighting which is especially safe and suitable for both children and adults.

What Sensory Products can be made from Fibre Optics?

Many products can be made from fibre optics... An example of one of the fibre optic products would be The Fibre Optic Harnesses. The harness is made up of tails i.e. strands of fibres which are within a clear PVC sheathing and terminated at one end with a common end. This is connected to a light source which can have a number of light effects, giving vibrant colour changing effects.
Fibre optics can be threaded into carpets, which light up the carpet with different twinkling Star effects. Whilst this being totally safe for the children to play on whilst they relax in the process.

How can fibre optic and sensory lighting help?

A sensory environment can not only benefit those with autistic tendencies but individuals with sensory integration disorders and Alzheimer’s as well. Light from the sensory harnesses gives children/adults a calming sensation in which helps their anxieties and with the child’s internal discomfort, whether that be boredom, agitation etc.

Sensory rooms are about process, journeys, and self-directed interaction. Each of our senses, vision, smell, touch, and hearing are all incorporated into sensory equipment and the lighting. All our senses need to be stimulated so they are working to the best of their ability. Fibre optic sensory lighting has been proven to benefit children on the autism spectrum, regarding their:

1. Concentration
2. Awareness
3. Coordination
4. Attention
5. Socialisation