Sensory Play

Sensory Play
How does autism affect children?
Children with autism have difficulty understanding the world around them. They become anxious in strange surroundings. All their senses seem to be overstimulated. They also have difficulty communicating and forming friendships as they feel isolated and anxious. However, with help, they can become less anxious and less isolated.

How does sensory lighting/play benefit children with autism?
Sensory Lighting has been scientifically proven to help children with autism, as it makes them feel at ease and more relaxed as opposed to their regular feeling of irritation and anxiousness. Research has shown that regular sensory play improves an autistic child’s ability to manage self-care and social interactions.

Sensory Play helps with all types of a child’s sensory stimulation as it involves their touch, taste, smell etc. It, both visually and mentally, forms a relationship within the child as it helps their internal discomfort.

As usual for a child, after a long hard day of running around in the garden, crashing into the sofas, and playing, they are tired and more relaxed after bath time at the end of the day. Sensory Play also, gives the same effect of calmness and helps their agitation and prevents them being irritated.

Sensory Play helps with a child’s motor skills as whilst they are playing, they are also learning and developing their two skills. Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills.

What are Gross/Fine Motor skills?
Gross Motor Skills is the movement that your child makes using most of their body, for example, the basic running, jumping, crawling etc.

Fine Motor Skills require using small muscles in the hands, fingers and forearms. These fine motor skills are required for more difficult tasks such as tying a shoelace, drawing, writing, opening wrappers and zipping up their coat.

Sensory Play often includes these motor skills as children can hold, grab, pinch, and taste during their play. Regular contact with sensory play with benefit children with autism as it will become a routine of learning for them.