Percussion Class Pack


Percussion Class pack. Sufficient quality, hand held percussion instruments for up to 30 pupils. Suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2.

 1 x Double Wooden Guiro Agogo

 1 x Two Tone Woodblock

 1 x Tulip Block

 1 x Pair of Claves

 1 x Pair of Bass Claves

 1 x Handled Castanets

 2 x Pair of Finger Castanets

 1 x Pair of Maracas

 1 x 6” Triangle

 1 x 8” Triangle

 2 x Pairs of Brass Finger Cymbals

 2 x Pairs of Indian Bells

 1 x Pair of Brass Cymbals

 1 x 5 Bell Handbell

 1 x 12 Bell Handled Bell

 1 x Cowbell

 1 x Jingle Stick

 1 x Half Moon Tambourine

 1 x Wooden Shell Tambourine

 1 x Chime Bar Set

Supplied with storage box & beaters.

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