BCB Treatment Fluid


Treatment fluid for use in Bubble Tubes and Bubble Walls. Add monthly to help prevent bacteria, algae and smell

Our fluid product features the following:
• Protection & prevention of infection risk from common aerobic bacteria including Pseudomonas species & Legionella
• Prevention of green algae
• No waiting for tablet to dissolve – easy addition via the bottle dispenser
• No risk to others when the product is diluted and correctly added to the bubble column
• Add just once a month – 1 bottle treats a 1-metre bubble column for up to 2 years!
• Proven technology – Based on the Bronopol biocide used in the commercial cooling tower industry
• Long shelf life – Re-formulated to 5 years

BCB is based on an organic biocide that will not cloud the acrylic tube or weaken the welds & joints and is approved by most leading bubble column manufactures & suppliers. Please do not use bleach or other similar sterilising fluids

 Download Instruction leaflet here

Download Material Safety Data Sheet here