A chewable non toxic bangle that doubles as a communication aid and message to others. Simply show the side that represents how the person is feeling.

The Red side says 'Leave Me Be' with a little angry Chewigem face and the Green side says 'Talk to Me' with a happy little Chewigem face.

Simple but effective!

Great for extra sensory input and oral stimulation. Ideal for hand and cuff chewers - redirection to the band, helps to break habits

Cool and trendy design, small enough to conceal under a cardigan or jumper. Does not look like a disability aid and discreetly serves persons need to chew. Helps to calm and relax. This tool is suitable for autism, special needs and downs syndrome.

Internal diameter Child size 5.5cm approx

Internal Diameter Adult size 6.5cm approx

Thickness 5mm approx.

Order before 1pm for next working day delivery.