7 piece UV reactive sensory kit


12v twin port LED Colour Twinkle Remote controlled Light Source, UV Polymer Sparkle Harness 25 tails x 1.5m, black fibre optic carpet 1m x 1m, UV Ripple Mat 300mm x 300mm, 12 lengths of UV reactive tubes/rod/twister rope, UV Black light 20w UV LED Torch.

Sensory in Plays 7 piece UV reactive kit is a value for money starter kit which provides an insight into the many sensory UV reactive products available. The kit contains a 2 port LED light source, a UV polymer sparkle harness with 25 tails at 1.5 metres, a 1m square fibre optic carpet, a 300 mm square UV reactive mat, 12 lengths of UV reactive tube/rod/twister rope, UV Black Light 20w length 600mm and a UV LED torch.

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