Wall Mountable Fibre Optic Carpet + LED Light Source


1m x 1m Fibre Optic Carpet, mounted onto a board, with 5w 12v remote controlled LED Light Source with colour twinkle wheel. 

Carpet is mounted onto a 6mm MDF board, with 2 inch bull nose architrave surround. Fixings are provided to allow the carpet to be easily hung on a wall. Finished in black. There is a 1m exit tail from the carpet allowing the carpet to be hung at eye level  for children.

Fibre Optic carpets provide a sparkling and entrancing play area suitable for children and adults alike. With no heat or electricity running through the fibres the carpets provide a safe and mesmerising play area.  125 points of light, twinkle through colours with the colour twinkle wheel fitted as standard to the light source.

Ideally suited for a sensory room within a school, nursery or hospital. Also can be used in a child's bedroom. The fibre optic lights can help calm the irritability or anxiety often associated with autism and similar conditions. 

Manufactured/Assembled in UK

1 week lead time

Not available for shipping to Scottish Highlands and Islands or Northern Ireland